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Our products are Reiki infused with intentions of healing and love.

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The Opulent Essence is a holistic spiritual wellness Boutique

Whose intention is to provide holistic tools that heal the body, mind and spirit through a variety of high vibrational products that help us to achieve a state of complete harmony and balance. Our intent is not only to bring consciousness to the nourishment of our body, our goal is to awaken the mind and the spirit by activating chakras and energies. We offer a variety of products such as organic teas, sea moss gel, aromatherapy candles, crystal jewelry, crystal water bottles, an Aura charka energy spray which helps balance, cleanse, restore and ground onself, crystal tea ball infusers, incense holders, singing bowls and much more! Our objective to connect health of the mind, body and spirit together. We hope our products help bring awareness of mindfulness, raise your inner vibrations to heal and become more intentional in your every day lives.

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  • "Life Opens up in so many different ways when your energy  has been awakened"- Panache Desai

    "Health is a state of complete harmony of the body, mind and spirit. J.H. West"