About Us

The Opulent Essence is holistic spiritual wellness shop. Our intention is to provide products that heal the body, mind and spirit through a variety of products that help us to achieve a state of complete harmony and balance. Our intent is not only to bring consciousness to the nourishment of our body, our goal is to awaken our mind and our spirit. We offer a variety of products such as organic teas, sea moss, aromatherapy candles, crystal water bottles, sage sprays aka positive energy sprays, crystal tea ball infusers, Singing Bowls, Palo Santo, Crystals and sage. Our objective to connect health of the mind, body and spirit together. We hope our products help bring awareness of mindfulness, raise your inner vibrations to heal and become more intentional in your every day lives.


Meet the CEO/ Founder: Maria "Ria Lou" Huffstead 

What inspired you to start The Opulent Essence?

What inspired me was my own personal journey of self healing and meditation during my personal struggle to find balance during the many transitions in my life. This journey of natural healing began roughly 6 years ago. During my self discovery I found people taking an interest in the things I would share and soon enough I became the go to person regarding natural healing and crystals and that's when I decided I wanted to make a business out of my personal interest.
The amount knowledge and benefits found in medicinal, vibrational and sound healing is quite astonishing and I believe there is a need for it to be shared with the world.
I also believe our physical health is very important but our mental, emotional and spiritual health is just as important and becoming aware of what we put in our bodies cause for us to be more conscious of our intentions and actions.