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The Opulent Essence

Crystal Aromatherapy candles

Crystal Aromatherapy candles

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Hand poured artisan 4 oz candles. Each candle is filled with 100%  soy wax, a raw crystal and created with love and promotes a sense of well being. 

Choose between the sensual Jasmine scent, Lavender, and Mediterranean Fig. 

Perfect to use during meditations, baths, cleaning or while your unwinding. Both scents are intended to help with anxiety and stress.


 Jasmine flower oil is associated with love. It also symbolizes beauty and sensuality. In some cultures, Jasmine represents appreciation and good luck. When used in religious ceremonies it represents purity. 

Lavender is believed to help promote calmness and wellness. It is great for insomnia and anxiety. 

Mediterranean Fig - Fig oil is promoted as being good luck and a source of love. Base notes of light sweet musk, sandalwood, moss and floral notes.

CAUTION: Remove crystal before lighting. Place candle on a heat resistance surface only. Trim wick to 8mm before every lighting. Burn no more than two hours each time. Remove all match and wick debris before lighting. 

WARNING: To prevent fire: Burn candle within sight. Keep out of reach of children and pets. Do not place near anything that can catch fire. 


How to use

To create sound with a singing bowl, firmly press the accompanying mallet in a circular motion against the bowl's outside edge or rim. When you hear a bright, clear tone, you can slow down the motion. Use your full arm to make the motion, rather than just rotating your wrist.


Please note all tibetan sound bowls currently take 1-2 business days for processing before shipment. 

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